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Admission to school in the Reception Class

Lostock Primary School admissions are controlled by the Local Authority (LA). We have no affiliation to any particular religious denomination. The LA organises a Coordinated Admissions Procedure.
We do hold an Open Day each year for prospective parents providing an opportunity for you to come and visit school whilst it is in action.

1. Registering your child
Enquiries from prospective parents are very welcome and should be made to the LA's Pupil and Student Services Department (Tel: 01204 332143). The LA will place your child’s name on a list of ‘parents interested in a place at Lostock Primary School’. If your child’s name is on the list it does not constitute the offer of a place. If a class is over-subscribed, the LA will apply the oversubscription criteria, details of which can be obtained from Pupil and Student Services.  Please note that it is the parents’ responsibility to apply for a place at the school via the Local Authority.

2. Booklets and preference forms
During the autumn term preceding the academic year when your son or daughter starts school, the LA will post out booklets (containing the school’s admission criteria) and preference forms to all parents who have registered with the LA.

3. Returning the preference forms
By a given date, usually in January, you should return the preference form to the Local Authority with confirmation of the home address.

4. Offers of places
The following April all parents will be sent a single offer of a school place by the LA. If a place is not offered at the preferred school your child’s name will automatically be placed on a waiting list. The LA will offer advice as to how you can appeal.

5. Late applications
These will be considered after those received on time.

6. When a place is offered
Once a place is offered and accepted you will receive a letter inviting you to a New Parents’ Evening at the start of the Summer Term where you will be given further information and have an opportunity to meet the staff. You will also be given details about preliminary visits to school.

7. Preliminary visits
These take place during May. The Reception Class Teacher and Teaching Assistant also visit your child at his/her Nursery or Playgroup.

8. Starting school in September
We have a staggered approach to starting school in September. Children are admitted into the Reception class a few at a time. This enables the children to settle in more quickly.

In Year Admissions
It is possible to be admitted to school during an academic year if places are available in that year group. The LA organises all in year admissions. Parents can contact school or Pupil and Student Services (01204 332143) to enquire if there are any vacancies.

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