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Health and Medication

We are very reluctant to administer medicines in school. However, there may be very individual circumstances that require medicine to be administered in school. Any such circumstances should be discussed with Head Teacher who will ask the parent to complete a “Medication in School” form. We do ask parents to request the doctor, where possible, to prescribe a dosage that does not require medication to be taken during the school day.

Patent medicines eg. Calpol, Tixylix must not be sent into school unless prescribed by a doctor.
All inhalers for all children are kept in their respective classrooms and a record kept of the children who have them.

If your child has a medical problem, or develops one during their time with us, please inform the school so we are aware of it and can record it on file.

Head lice checks are no longer undertaken on a regular basis by the LA. Regular combing, not brushing, and checking helps to keep the hair healthy. If your child does get infected, a ‘nit’ comb available from the chemist and combed through hair which has been shampooed and conditioned will remove the head lice and eggs. If your child does get infected, please inform the school as we will then inform parents of the children in that class to check their child’s hair.

 Health and Medication Documents

Supporting Children With Medical Conditions Policy (Summer 2015).pdf



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