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School Day
Our School Day
The school has a class for each year group from 4 to 11. Your child will stay in that class as he or she moves up through the school. Children are allocated a class by age and not by ability.
The school day is organised so that there is maximum learning time interspersed by short breaks. School starts at 8.50 am and children are not expected to be in the playground before 8.40 am. Lunchtime is from 12.00 - 1.00 pm and there are two playtimes of 15 minutes, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The school day finishes at 3.30 pm. We ask parents to try to ensure that children are punctual as this ensures the school day starts well.
There are 6 teaching sessions and also a short time for collective worship.
Procedures for the start of the day
  • ​Classroom doors open at 8.40 am and the children should make their way directly to the classroom. All children should be in school by 8.50 am when the register is taken.
Procedures for the end of the day
  •  Parents are encouraged to come and collect their children from either the KS1 or KS2 playground.
  • We do ask that you do not arrive before 3.25 pm as the playgrounds may well be being used for PE/outdoor lessons.
  •  In addition we would ask that you stay away from the classrooms and windows as lessons will be continuing until the bell goes at 3.30pm and there will be nothing more distracting than faces at the window! Please feel free to sit and wait on the benches around the perimeter of both playgrounds.
  •  When the bell goes at 3.30 pm class teachers will accompany the children onto the playground where they will be able to meet up with you away from the busy road.
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